SmaCS achieves the second system version development and fulfils TRL4
October 21, 2021
The project enters the TRL5 development phase

The project has successfully achieved the second version of the SmaCS system—the TRL4 lab-validated technology design— which was presented to and evaluated by the Topic Manager during the TRL4 system demonstration meetings. To develop this second version the partners have tackled the detected weak spots from the preliminary (TRL3) version and have retrained the image content descriptor with the enhanced data collection. Each component of the system and the preliminary integration have been revisited, to upgrade and update the required functionalities. This includes the camera platform, the machine-learning algorithm, the real and synthetic data used for training, and the integration of the software in the AI processor, to obtain more accurate and more robust results with a higher efficiency compared to the TRL3 version. This version will be taken as the basis for the subsequent development stage, which will iterate over it to attain the TRL5 version in the final stage of the project, WP7.

SmaCS will target now the next phase over the development of the TRL5 SmaCS system focusing on building the prototype’s external shape, the final prototype assembly, and the algorithm fine-tuning, apart from the final tests for the TRL5 evaluation.

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