New SmaCS laboratories set-up at Otonomy Aviation and Vicomtech facilities
September 1, 2020
A section of an aircraft’s body has been built for data acquisition and testing

While the development of the SmaCS project progresses, the need to train and test the preliminary functionalities developed increases too. As SmaCS will focus on luggage detection with in the aircraft, the specific environmental conditions for the technical equipment (cameras, computing units, etc.) needs to be tested too. The object detection capabilities are different depending on the settings and light conditions, among others, and thus, the ability to produce data in specific cabin conditions increases the successful outcomes of the project. The provision of a cabin mock-up at Otonomy Aviation’s and Vicomtech’s premises is a step forward in the acquisition of new datasets that will enable the training of the detection models. The aircraft’s body is made up of a set of polystyrene sections simulating the outline of the inner cabin, while a total of nine seats were kindly delivered by SAFRAN, Topic Manager of the project. The arrangement of the seats covers 3 rows of 3 three seats each row, simulating a medium wide sized cabin.

The preparation of the laboratory will enable the testing and enhancement of video capture and provision in close-to-real settings, which will strongly benefit the outcomes of the project in terms of improved accuracy and optimised object detection.
Cabin mock-up at Otonomy Aviation
Cabin mock-up at Vicomtech
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