Position paper presented at ROBOVIS 2020 and available online
March 3, 2021
The paper analyses and discusses the main technological factors for building a camera-based intelligent system for TTL verification.

Join efforts from Otonomy Aviation and Vicomtech led to the submission of the position paper entitled “Building a Camera-based Smart Sensing System for Digitalized On-demand Aircraft Cabin Readiness Verification”, that was presented on 4th November at the International Conference on Robotics, Computer Vision and Intelligent Systems – ROBOVIS 2020.

The paper analyses and discusses the main technological factors that system designers should consider for building a system dealing with TTL related activities, specifically on cabin readiness requirements applied to the passenger, to the position of seat components and cabin luggage. These include technologies include sensor setup, system training, the selection of appropriate camera sensors and lenses, AI-processors, and software tools for optimal image acquisition and image content analysis with Deep Neural Network (DNN)-based recognition methods. Preliminary tests with pre-trained generalist DNN-based object detection models are also analysed to assist with the training and deployment of the recognition methods.

The paper is currently published, further details are available here

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