Position paper accepted for ROBOVIS 2020
October 2, 2020
To be presentedat the conference and published in its proceedings

The position paper we submitted to ROBOVIS 2020 (http://www.robovis.org/), entitled ''Building a Camera-based Smart Sensing System for Digitalized On-Demand Aircraft Cabin Readiness Verification'', has been accepted as an 8-page short paper to be published in the conference proceedings. One of the authors will present it at the conference (online streaming, 4-6 of November 2020) in the format of 20 min oral presentation (including discussion).

The purpose of ROBOVIS 2020, the International Conference on Robotics, Computer Vision, and Intelligent Systems, is to bring together researchers, engineers, and practitioners that are interested to share their research and experience on the thematic areas of this conference. Robotics is a field that is closely connected to Computer Vision and Intelligent Systems. Research and development of robots require technologies originating from the other two areas; the research work in Computer Vision has often been driven by needs in Robotics; Intelligent Systems models and software have often been developed aiming at applications in the areas of physical agents, i.e. robots, or in areas related to scene understanding, video and image processing, and many other aspects of computer vision. There is a need for a venue where these three research communities, often isolated, meet and discuss innovation possibilities driven by the intersection of these highly synergetic fields.

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